Property Management

Property Management Services for Missouri & Kansas

The difference will be in how we care for your property!  This is more that mere words at CJ Real Estate, Inc..  Unlike many management firms, CJ Real Estate Inc., will not lease your property to anyone who comes along so we can keep our cash flow high.  We don’t lease our own properties that way and we will not lease yours any differently.

Management Services

You personally tailor the amount of services you want based on the amount of time you can or want to spend on your property.  If you choose, the full service management program is designed to take all the worry out of investment property ownership, while still giving you the advantages of ownership.

As property owners, we will manage your property as if it were our own.  CJ Real Estate Inc., retains contracts with numerous company’s to get the lowest prices possible on appliances, carpet, plumbing, etc.  We maintain our own property maintenance company capable of doing almost all necessary work, including HVAC.  This service significantly reduces owner maintenance expense.

Services provided are:

  1. 24-hour per day service
  2. HVAC by certified professionals
  3. Lawn care/landscaping
  4. Snow removal
  5. Carpet Cleaning using the latest state of the art equipment desiged to extend the life of carpet
  6. Carpet & Vinyl install
  7. Painting
  8. All general maintenance needs
  9. Completed work order descriptions of work performed is appended to owners statements so our owners know what work was done on their investment

Full Service Management

  1. ACH (direct deposit) payments to owners offered at no additional costs
  2. Full time district property managers
  3. Leasing lines answered 7 days a week, 8:00am to 9:00pm
  4. Owners have on-line access to statements, historical statements are stored, expense copies uploaded (at your request), news letters and many others.
  5. Owner payments are distributed on the 10th of every month
  6. Annual property reports for ease of tax accounting
  7. Owners are kept informed via email on tenant collection activities and all tenant notes are appended to the owners monthly statement as well
  8. Through make ready estimates along with photo’s are provided to owners once a tenant has vacated so you know what expenses are to be expected.
  9. Vacancy advertising to over 40 Internet websites through our own Internet partnerships for $45.00/month per vacancy

Tenant/Lease Management

  1. Tenant access to on-line payment system
  2. Tenant access to on-line statements
  3. Tenant referral program and tenant retention
  4. On-line maintenance reporting system.  The system walks tenants through a self-help menu attempting to assist the tenant correcting maintenance needs.

Maintenance Services

24 hour maintenance servcies provided by experienced rental property maintenance technicians.

  1. HVAC certified technicians
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. General cleaning
  4. Make ready repairs
  5. Appliance repair
  6. Plumbing and electrical
  7. After hours emergency service

Areas Served:


Kansas City Metropolitan Area (Jackson, Cass, Platte, Clay & Lafayette Counties), Columbia, Warrensburg


Topeka, Johnson County, Wyandotte County


Gulf Coast, Tampa south to Cape Coral

If your looking for a property management firm with proven experience in maximizing cash flow, maximizing property value and minimizing property expenses, CJ Real Estate Inc., is the company you have been looking for.